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Hi and welcome to my page.

To me photography is all about capturing moments in time. Moments that can never be repeated. From that moment when that sunset is just so perfect the whole world seems to come alive, to that moment when you have that first kiss just after hearing “I Do” and you know you just witnessed something new begin.

I love to travel and photograph where I have been. I have been through the British Isles, North America, Pacific Islands and parts of Asia. But no matter how far I roam I keep coming back to Little Old New Zealand and Australia. This is a beautiful corner of the world with wonderful scenery, history and wildlife; yet I feel like I've still only scratched the surface.

This site is dedicated to showing you moments that I have captured on my travels through Australasia and if you enjoy your voyage through my precious moments, please visit again, as my journey has only just begun and I have so much more to show you.

David Gordon Australasian Photography – D-GaP Photos- specialises in capturing moments in nature; with wildlife and with bird life. This site has been created to share with you some of my most precious moments in the hopes that you will make some of my precious moments your precious moments.

If you can’t find the moment that suits you on this site please contact me to see how I can help capture and find your moment in time.

David Gordon.